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COVID-19 Updates

Posted date: September 24, 2020

To ensure the safety of our clients, staff and volunteers, we have temporarily suspended in-person service delivery in some of our programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to serve the community through online and telephone channels during this time. In-person services will gradually resume in accordance with health and safety protocols.

This page will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Safety & Re-Opening Plans

As in-person services resume, we will post the safety and re-opening site plans here:


Contact Information

The contact information for our programs and services during COVID-19 are listed as follows.


Settlement Services

Immigrant Settlement & Integration Program (ISIP)

In-person services are available by appointment at select service centres. Learn more.

Phone Lines:

  • Arabic: 236-880-3048 or 778-385-2152 or 604-330-8049
  • Cantonese: 236-880-3257 or 236-880-2846 or 778-656-0748
  • Mandarin: 236-880-3257 or  236-880-2846 or 778-656-0748 or 604-889-2486 or 604-374-0384 or 604-330-8040
  • Farsi: 236-880-3614 or 236-880-3483 or 604-330-8047
  • Japanese: 236-880-3392
  • Korean: 236-880-3071 or 778-656-0754 or 604-330-8040
  • Punjabi: 604-362-0216
  • Tagalog: 236-838-5782 or 778-656-0745
  • Tigrinya: 604-360-5048
  • Vietnamese: 236-880-3250


Action Commitment Transformation (ACT)

In-person services are available by appointment. Learn more.

BC Settlement & Integration Services (BCSIS)

In-person services are available by appointment at select service centres. Learn more.

Active Engagement & Integration Project (AEIP)


Employment Services

Active Career Connect & Engagement Project (ACCEP)

Chance to Choose (C2C): A Youth Employment Program

Digital Skills Training for Older Workers 55+

Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) Loan Project

WorkBC Centre – Richmond

In-person services are available by appointment. Learn more.

Youth Employment Connect (YEC): Training for Jobs


Entrepreneurship Services

 Immigrant Women Entrepreneurship Program (IWEP)

Self-Employment Training Program for Young Entrepreneurs


Family Services

Help Lines

  • Cantonese: 604-270-8233
  • Mandarin: 604-270-8222

Individual & Family Counselling

  • Chinese/English: 604-408-7266
  • Korean: 604-468-6005 ext. 2
  • Farsi: 604-468-6100 ext. 1

Multicultural Early Childhood Development (MECD)

  • Cantonese: 604-330-8061
  • Mandarin: 604-330-8065
  • Korean: 604-330-8062
  • Farsi: 604-330-8064

Burnaby Early Years Services

  • Mandarin/Cantonese: 604-318-2731
  • Korean: 604-468-6064


Seniors Services

Better At Home

  • Vancouver Hastings-Sunrise: 604-375-0248
  • Surrey Whalley: 604-445-0759

Prescribing Community Wellness for Older Adults

Community Groups


Health Education

HIV / Hep C Intervention Project


Youth Services

Youth Leadership Millennium (YLM)

Youth in Schools Programs

 HSBC Youth Support Program


Community Engagement

Membership Program

Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership (TCLIP)

Volunteer Program