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數碼資訊學習計劃電腦班 (粵語) | Digital Literacy Exchange Program (Cantonese)

디지털 역량교육 프로그램| Digital Literacy Exchange Program (Korean)

Things to Know Before Buying a New or Presale House 购买新房或期房程序及注意事项 (Mandarin)

CSSC – 伸展運動形體舞 (實體) | Stretching Exercises (In-person)

برنامه آموزش تبادل دیجیتال | Digital Literacy Exchange Program (Farsi – آنلاین و حضوری )

CSSC – 乒乓球練習組 (實體) | Table Tennis (In-person)

How to Build Up Your Credit History in Canada 如何在加拿大建立信用记录 (Mandarin)

CSSC – 歌唱練習組 (實體) | Singing Practices Group (In-person)

数码资讯学习计划电脑班 (国语) | Digital Literacy Exchange Program (Mandarin)

CSSC – 粵曲練習組 (實體) | Cantonese Opera Group (In-person)

Banking Needs: How to be Prepared (English)

Introduction to Common Online Functions of ICBC Website for Newcomers 新移民在 ICBC 网页上常用功能介绍 (Mandarin)

CSSC – 民族健康舞 (實體) | Healthy Dancing (In-person)

CSSC – 國畫班 (實體) | Chinese Painting Class (In-person)

Careers at RBC – Meeting Employers Sessions

CSSC – 卡拉OK B組 (實體) | Karaoke B (In-person)

Chair Yoga at Home 在家练习椅子瑜伽 (Mandarin, Cantonese)

AA+ 耆英数码教育计划 “国语智能手机班” | AA+ Digital Learning Program “Mandarin Smartphone”

AA+ 耆英數碼教育計劃 “粤語智能手機班” | AA+ Digital Learning Program “Cantonese Smartphone”

AA+ 耆英數碼教育計劃 “粤語電腦班” | AA+ Digital Learning Program “Cantonese Computer class”

Effective Canadian Workplace Communication (English)

Save Energy, Save Money 如何节约能源及申请能源补助 (Mandarin)

AA+ 耆英數碼教育計劃 “粤語 iPhone & iPad班” | AA+ Digital Learning Program “Cantonese iPhone & iPad class”

AA+ 耆英數碼教育計劃 “粤語 Android手機平板電腦班” | AA+ Digital Learning Program “Cantonese Android Smartphone & Tablet class”

“Express Entry & BCPNP” Info Session (English)

AA+ 耆英数码教育计划 “国语 电脑班” | AA+ Digital Learning Program “Mandarin Computer Class”

免費線上國語講座 “如何挑选房客和定租约要注意的事项” | ONLINE Mandarin Workshop “How to Choose Tenant and Make Tenancy Agreement”

AA+ 耆英數碼教育計劃 “一對一輔導 ” | AA+ Digital Learning Program “One-on-one smartphone clinic”

Richmond Job Fair at Lansdowne Centre

اکسپرس انتری و برنامه استانی بریتیش کلمبیا+ قانون موقت جدید برای ایرانیان / Immigration Workshop (Farsi)

Meeting Employer: Hudson Group World Duty Free 和雇主面对面: Hudson Group World Duty Free (English)

Job Search Tips (English)

Overview of Senior Benefits 캐나다 노령 연금제도 알아보기 (English, Korean)

Menopause Diet: What to Eat to Help Manage Symptoms 更年期饮食:如何透过食疗改善症状 (Mandarin)

Permanent Resident (PR) Card RenewalPRカード 更新 (Japanese)

Canadian Workplace Culture and Active Career Connect and Engagement Project (ACCEP) 加拿大职场文化和 ACCEP 项目介绍 (Mandarin)

Child Care & After School Care. What You Need to Know. Догляд за дітьми. Що вам потрібно знати. (English, Ukrainian)

星期四長者日常生活英語會話班 (廣東話/ 唐人街辦事處面授課程)  / Thursdays In-Person (Pender Office) English Conversation Groups for Seniors (Delivered in Cantonese)

Volunteering at Greater Vancouver Food Bank (English)

Поради щодо написання резюме та супровідного листа в канадсько / Resume & Cover Letter (Ukrainian)

How to Become a Registered Massage Therapist in BC


SkilledTradesBC Info Session

“Fraud & Cyber Fraud – How to Protect Yourself” Info Session with Guest Speaker (English)

在線粵語講座 “美食示範” | ONLINE Cantonese Workshop “Food Demonstration”

Immigration Pathways to Canada Info Session (English)

Meeting Employer: Air Canada (English)

‘CELPIP Writing Component’ Tips and Strategies with Guest Speaker (English)

How to Use BC Employment Services 如何选择和使用BC省的就业服务 (Mandarin)

Amazon Employment Info Session Summer 2023