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Introduction to BC Services Card Application 卑诗省服务卡应用介绍 (Mandarin)

CSSC – 粵曲練習組 (實體) | Cantonese Opera Group (In-person)

Express Entry Info Session (English)

微慢跑時間 Micro Jogging Time

Active Career Connect & Engagement Project Info Session – Vancouver

CELPIP English Exam Overview Info Session with Guest Speaker (English)

Consumer Protection 消费者权益保护 (Mandarin)

Job Search Tips (English)

Understanding Osteoporosis and Its Prevention 了解和预防骨质疏松症 (Mandarin)

Immigration Pathways to Canada Info Session (English)

Express Entry & BCPNP Info Session (English)

Long-Term Care Facilities and Activities for Seniors介護施設とシニア向けアクティビティの紹介 (Japanese)

Improve Your Career Planning – How to Stand Out in a Competitive Labour Market?

Meeting with the Citizenship Judge 入籍法官与你面对面 (English, Mandarin)

Resume and Cover Letter Writing Info Session (English)

Know Your Rights for Preparing a Will and Estate Planning 재산 상속과 유언장 작성시 알아야 할 것들 (Korean)

Interview Skills: Answering Common Questions & Answers (English)

「做個藥物好管家」 Medication Management (Cantonese)


Job Search Tips (English)

Employment Programs and Resources for Women 妇女就业服务资源介绍 (Mandarin)

Funeral Planning in Canada: Ceremony of Life 캐나다에서의 장례 사전 준비 알아보기 (Korean)

BC Affordable Housing Info Session with Guest Speaker (English)

Banking Needs: How to be Prepared (English)

Resolving Disputes with Mediation 如何使用调解服务处理纠纷 (Mandarin)

In-Person English Conversation Group (Thursdays 2pm)

How to Organize Documents on iOS Smartphones and Tablets 如何在 iOS 系统手机和平板上整理文件 (Mandarin)

Creating a Canadian-Style Resume & Cover Letter Info Session (English)

Active Career Connect & Engagement Project Info Session – Vancouver

The Importance of Advance Planning in Finance for Older Adults 从法律角度了解长者财务规划的重要性 (English, Mandarin)

Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants

Meeting Employer: INFOX Consulting和雇主面对面: INFOX Consulting (Mandarin)

耆英網上課程: 電腦班 (粵語) (Windows 11) | Seniors Online Classes: Cantonese Computer Class (Windows 11)

Поради щодо написання резюме та супровідного листа в канадському стилі / Tips for Writing a Canadian Style Resume & Cover Letter (Ukrainian)

Home Inspection and Maintenance Tips 房屋检测与保养须知 (Mandarin)

免費線上國語講座 “遗产信托讲座” | ONLINE Mandarin Workshop “Estate Trust Seminar”

耆英網上課程: iPhone&iPad粵語班 | Seniors Online Classes: Cantonese iPhone&iPad

耆英網上課程: Android 手機平板 粵語班 | Seniors Online Classes: Cantonese Android phone & tablet

Know Your Rights: Introduction to BC Family Law BC주 가정법 알아보기 (Korean)

耆英网上课程: 电脑班 (國語) (Windows 11) | Seniors Online Classes: Mandarin Computer Class (Windows 11)

Effective Resume & Cover Letter Writing Info Session (English)

在線粵語講座 “日常家居中的簡易物理治療法” | Online Cantonese Workshop “Simple Physiotherapy at Home”

Health Care Assistant Career In-Person Info Session

Volunteering Activity – Chinatown Cleanup Campaign 义工活动 – 华埠清洁运动 (Mandarin, Cantonese)

Immigration Pathways to Canada Info Session (English)

Understand the Relationship Between Cultural Integration and Mental Health 了解文化融入与心理健康的关系 (Mandarin)

Active Career Connect & Engagement Project Info Session – Vancouver

Effective Canadian Workplace Communication (English)

Work Permit Info-Session with Guest Speaker (English)

免費國語講座 “耳穴诊疗讲座 -做自己的家庭医生” | Mandarin Workshop “Auricular point-Be Your Own Family Doctor”