Women's World of S.U.C.C.E.S.S. at Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre

Telephone: 604-408-7260

The Woman’s World of S.U.C.C.E.S.S. is sponsored by S.U.C.C.E.S.S. and Marpole- Oakridge Community Centre and was formed in September 1992.  It is a community organization aims at meeting the needs of Chinese-speaking immigrant women and encouraging them to participate fully as a member of the Canadian society.  It offers them information on immigrant adjustment, community resources and knowledge with the goal of helping them build up their self-confidence, potentials and neighbourhood awareness.

1) Talks related to the common concerns of immigrant women such as education system, home security and health
2) Life style topics such as gardening, flower arrangement and microwave cooking
3) Participate activities hosted by community
4) Group discussion and social gathering
5) Chinese New Year party and outdoor activities

Every Friday 9:30a.m. to 11:30a.m.
Marpole – Oakridge Community Centre
990 W. 59th Avenue, Vancouver.

For enquiry: please call 604-408-7260 or fax to 604-408-7270.

Caring.  Respect. Ethical.  Integrity.  Open.  Inclusive.  Innovative

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